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Types of Pressure Unemployed Graduates Face after NYSC

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Being a graduate is one of the best feelings you’ll remember for a very long time. You remember the Final Year Week, The departmental dinners, the Water Baptisms, etc.

Months later, you are off to serve your fatherland. Then you are back home after NYSC.

One month, Two months, Three Months.... NO JOB!! Pressure sets in. 

Here are the types of pressures many unemployed graduates are facing:

1. Parental Pressure 
If you decide to go settle back at home, your parents will be concerned about you. They’ll advise you, trouble you, pray for you and still be overly concerned about you.

Some will force you to take a job you don’t love especially when you are the eldest and have so many younger siblings and other responsibilities to take care of.

2. Peer Pressure  
You have friends and acquaintances. Some will oppress you with their new jobs, cars, clothes, and gadgets. We all have that one friend that got a slot in central bank or NNPC before graduation and you are wondering how you are going to catch up with them.

They throw reunions and other gatherings but you are afraid to attend because you don’t know how to explain the fact that you are jobless.

Peer pressure can either drive you to become better or can make you depressed and desperate. You must learn to believe in yourself and take positive steps to achieve your dreams.

3. Societal Pressure 
In order to avoid societal pressure, most graduates are forced to relocate to another city. The female graduate is expected to be seen with a serious fiancé and everyone is expecting a wedding date sooner or later. For the male graduates, you are expected to land a big job, drive a car and take up responsibilities immediately.

There are people in your environment always asking and inquiring about what you are currently doing. Most of them don’t even have a solution.

These pressures are just there to urge you to become a better person and achieve true success. You must not allow them to have a negative impact on you.

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