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So Evil: See the Nanny Who Deliberately Burned a Toddler's Hand and Leg on a Stove (Photo)

Thursday, 24 August 2017

A nanny has been made to pay for her unbelievably criminal actions after she was found out to have burned a toddler on a stove.
Lidia Quilligana apologised to the family of her victims but the mother rejected it (Picture: News 8)

Lidia Quilligana, a truly wicked nanny has been given a 15-year prison sentence after she was found guilty of horrific cruelty against children.
According to Metro UK, Lidia Quilligana burned a three-year-old’s hand and leg on a stove, lifted her up by her hair and trapped her inside a toy chest during her abuse.
Her actions were described as ‘unfathomable’ by her defence lawyer who described her as a ‘sad person who lost control’.
They added that Quilligana, who was originally from Ecuardor and working for a family in Connecticut, was abused as a child so was using the only discipline she knew.
She was arrested in 2015 after hidden cameras set up by the family of the children she was looking after caught her abusing the one and three-year-olds.
She ripped hair out of both of their heads and the abuse she meted out on them were described as torture, according to the News Times.
Quilligana worked for the family for about a year before the abuse came to light and when she was arrested she was pregnant with her third child.
The family had become suspicious that something was happening to their eldest daughter. One evening her mother returned home from work and saw she had a black eye and burned hands.
Quilligana told the mother that the girl had climbed onto a chair next to an oven and fell off, banging her head on one of the dials and burning her hand.
CCTV footage proved that she was lying and had deliberately burned the child’s hands after dragging her to the stove.
Sharon Dornfeld, representing the victims, said: ‘There was an amount of sustained and depraved cruelty that I’ve never seen before. She tortured those children.’
Quilligana told the court: ‘I couldn’t control myself. Believe me I loved those children with all my heart. I’m sorry 1,000 times.’
The mother said the 15-year sentence ‘doesn’t even come close to fitting the crime.’
An advocate for the victims said the abuse suffered by the 3-year-old and her 1-year-old twin siblings could only be described as torture.
The judge said 15 years ‘doesn’t even come close to fitting the crime.’
Police say Quilligana was arrested in 2015 after a hidden camera captured the abuse.

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