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Police Nab Thief Who Fell Asleep While Stealing

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A young man who can be referred to as the dumbest thief in the world purportedly fell asleep at the crime scene which led to his exposure. 

Kayoni Sedekiya
Police have arrested one Kayoni Sedekiya in Texas after he was caught sleeping at the crime scene.
A statement by the Police revealed that the 20-year-old from Abilene was armed with a gun at his apartment complex early Friday when he argued with his roommate, whom he tied up as he demanded £60.
Sedekiya then fell asleep, the Police revealed to New York Daily News.
The victim managed to get free around 4 a.m. before calling the police from a neighbour’s apartment while the gun-wielding suspect was still asleep. It was reported that Sedekiya surrendered without incident when the police came to take him away.
It was reported that Sedekiya was held in custody on Sunday on an aggravated robbery charge, with bond set at $60,000.

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