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Photos: Nigerian Woman Gives Birth To Tortoise In Rivers State

Friday, 18 August 2017

They have come again according to these photos which are currently trending on social media a Nigerian woman who carried a baby for 9igood months has just given birth to a bouncing baby Tortoise in Rivers state
More Details coming soon as the story develops but see some reactions below;
chiomajekwu Who remembers the case of a demon possessed man in the Bible. They even requested that Jesus send them into the pigs. But if it happens now, someone will say scientifically how can demons speak, we are in the 21st or 22nd century. I wasn’t there to confirm exactly what happens, but for the fact that people believe in killing another human so money that CBN did not print can appear, then anything in Africa is almost possible.
cyndy__izehi Unbelievable
val_ejanlagram Congrats ma
martinatobi_Father lawd 😱 Some pple will say it’s nature
n3du_brazilDid she give birth to d tortoise on the road???
successpilllAnd then someone will say witches are just a myth? Keep believing and seeing things with your ordinary eyes

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