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Lagos Kidnapper Beaten Mercilessly After He was Caught Hiding a Little Boy in a Big Sack (Photos+Video)

Sunday, 20 August 2017

An alleged kidnapper nearly lost his life yesterday after he was beaten to a pulp by an angry mob in Lagos state.

The alleged kidnapper was mercilessly beaten before he was saved by a lawmaker
A suspected kidnapper was given the beating of his life after he was caught hiding a boy in a sack yesterday in Orile area of Lagos State. He was almost killed by mob before a lawmaker, Hon. Otunba Ishola Ibrahim Obanla intervened.
According to reports, the suspected kidnapper wore 3 different cloths together with a black Toy Gun, 2 different ID CARDS, a yam & bread in a black sack. 
The little boy was rescued from a big sack where he kept him. The online report revealed that residents of the Street named “OSHODI STREET” in Orile, Lagos State were alerted by passers-by when they noticed the suspicious movement of the alleged kidnapper. He was searched and all the above listed items were found in his custody including the kidnapped boy in a big sack.
The aggrieved residents stoned, planked and used different dangerous weapons on him.
Watch video below:

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