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Young Couple Meet For The First Time After Dating Online For 3 Years. See Photos

Thursday, 13 April 2017

A young couple who had dated online for three years but never met in real life finally ran into each other's arms on their first encounter. The pair, both 21, met in an airport after deciding to see each other in person and recorded the moment.
Danielle can be seen running towards Phil, before he scoops her up and spins him round. She then exclaims at how tall he is before they just stand looking at each other in shock.

Danielle uploaded the video to social media sites and was shocked at some of the criticism of their choice to wait so long before meeting.

She took to Reddit to answer them, she said: "Not sure why people are acting like it's the craziest thing they've ever heard. "Technically yes we could've been seeing someone else on the side, but even after meeting we could still be doing that anyways.

"We talked for years, we Skyped for years. "We knew each other very very well even before meeting. We put a lot of trust into each other of course, but that's what relationships take."
Danielle added: "To you it may seem obscure and crazy that we wanted to commit to each other before even meeting, but to us there would be no reason not to.

"We were aware there was a chance that we could meet in person and things wouldn't be the same, but fortunately for us the chemistry and all that is actually there.

"Believe it or not, you can actually really really get to know someone and really form a bond with them without being physical.
"I know it's strange to some people, I know not everyone is going to 'get it', but there's no rules on what a relationship should look like, just social norms of how they typically are."

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