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See The 15 Approved Hairstyles For Men And Women In North Korea. Photos

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

North Korean men and women have a choice of just 15 approved hairstyles, it has been claimed. Illustrated guides have appeared in hair salons across Pyongyang showing haircuts deemed acceptable by Kim Jong-un's authorities. But surprisingly none of the male styles appear to match the distinctive cut favoured by the dictator. 

Finnish journalist Mika Mäkeläinen captured images of the poster during a visit to Pyongyang to cover the Day of the Sun - a celebration of 105 years since the nation’s founder Kim Il-sung was born.

And he even tried one of the country's salons, selecting what he said was 'the most popular' style on offer - and described the experience as the 'best shave and head massage that I have ever had'. 

He tweeted: 'North Korean men can choose between 15 approved haircut styles. I had the most popular one - and it's not like Kim Jong Un.'

Mäkeläinen then wrote: 'Equality in North Korea: Both sexes have 15 approved haircut models. You can forget about dyeing your hair though.'

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