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Premature Baby Declared Dead By Nurses Found To Be Alive Moments Before Burial... Photos

Saturday, 8 April 2017

A newborn baby who was declared dead by nursing staff in India was found to be alive by members of her family moments before her burial. Durgesh Rathore, 25, delivered the 24 week-old premature baby, weighing about only 12.3 oz, on Tuesday with the help of the nursing staff in the Pandit Brij Sunder Sharma General Hospital in Bundi, a district in the state of Rajasthan in western India.
But shortly afterwards, she was declared dead by nurses because she wasn't crying or breathing. 

When the family members were about to bury the baby, they felt her heartbeat and saw she was breathing.

They then rushed her back to the hospital.
Her father, Mithas Rathore, said: 'We took the baby for burial after she was declared dead by the hospital authorities. Even the pit had been dug but then we felt her heartbeats and breathing and we rushed the baby back to the hospital.'

Meanwhile, doctors at the hospital said that the baby was 'extremely premature only with the lungs functioning and her survival is hardly possible.'

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