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Meet The 22-Year-Old Indian Man Trapped In The Body Of A Baby. Photos

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Meet 22-year-old Manpreet Singh, a man trapped in a toddler’s body. He is only 23 inches tall. Singh lives in Ramditte Wala village in India’s northern Mansa district. He suffers from a mysterious illness that has stunted his growth since birth. He can’t talk or walk, and can’t stand without support.

Singht’s mother, Manjeet Kaur, was actually told she couldn’t have children at first.

“He was born after ten and half months. After six months or a year we realized that he is not able to speak. We went to many doctors but no one could find a cure to his illness,” said Kaur.

Singh has two younger siblings, who have grown normally.

Doctors said his condition could be caused by his late birth and to a deficiency of growth hormones.

“This child has been coming to us since long time, whenever he had problems. We even guided them (Manpreet Singh’s parents) to take him to higher institute (bigger hospital) as ever since the child was born he has shown no signs of development,” said Dr. Hemraj.

Though Singh’s parents have consulted numerous doctors, no one has given an exact diagnosis.

An ascetic visiting their village said his condition is a blessing from God.

Since then villagers have been lining up to seek Singh’s blessings. Many said Singh helped fulfill their wishes.

Singh’s parents have accepted his condition is God’s will.

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